common sex problems newlyweds face

Common Sex Problems Newlyweds Face after 1st Intimacy

It is no surprise there are common sex problems newlyweds face. Recall when you heard your date for the big day. You were all set to welcome the love of your life. Finally, it all happened, and you couldn’t believe you were with your dream partner in bed. You came closer; the foreplay started with some little whispers and then, came the climax. Oops! The ball did not go past the net, there was no score. You went for it again but could not start from where you left off. Relax; the world does not end here for you!

Common Sex Problems Newlyweds Face

It is a universal truth that the initial phase of one’s married life stays smooth. But after a few months or years, things start going the other way around. This is where the challenge lies, and every couple needs to start overcoming initial intimacy hurdles. Just when things are about to change, the proper measure should come into action.

Here are some of those common sex problems newlyweds face from time to time:

A higher libido stays for a limited time

Imagine the pleasure you get in having your partner every moment. Men stay the naughtiest and wildest during this phase. They come up with crazy lovemaking ideas and kinky postures to enjoy their sex life like anything. But there comes a time when this addiction turns into monotony, and you gradually lose your libido due to more responsibilities, stress, family tussle, and more. Experts say that sex toys can be a big break to relationship development after first intimacy. If the boredom is from both partners, a sex toy like a bullet vibrator or a cock ring, or BDSM toys can do well. These common sex problems newlyweds face very often.

Male Partners Show Ignorance Against Taking Protection

The initial phase of one’s married life involves penetrative sex the most. 67% of men prefer having sex without condoms to enjoy pleasure. This results in pregnancy in most of these cases. Once the girl confirms she conceived, the male partner becomes helpless and cannot do any sexual activity. Hence, experts recommend men to wear penis sleeves instead of condoms. Wearing condoms would restrict you from getting pregnant. Wearing a penis sleeve, however, would help a man enjoy protection and enhance his penile length and girth.

Delay in Orgasm and Premature Ejaculation

This is one of the common sex problems newlyweds face. The gush of orgasm may remain the highest in women during the initial phase. There might be emotional changes after first intimacy. However, some women experience delays in getting orgasms frequently. It all depends on how she wants to keep her libido up all the time. Well, there are various adult gadgets that women find worthy to bring their libido back on track. On the other hand, men fall prey to premature ejaculation, which is a big hindrance to a peaceful sex life. Hence, women can practice solos at home and gain more confidence to perform with their partners. The online sex toys stores in Maldives give easy access to all. Hence, anyone can shop here discreetly for their sexual needs.

Excessive quarrels and poor communication

Fights are common among couples. If there are no fights, there is no love, and if there is no love, there is no sex. However, if those little fights turn into big ones, the emotions would ebb off gradually. Hence, psychologists say that the more you talk and communicate with your partner, the fewer misunderstandings happen. Even if you think your strategy to make love should undergo changes, switch to other means like vibrating dildos and sex machines. These work like great solutions to common ex problems newlyweds face.


There are several common sex problems newlyweds face with time. But there are smarter ways to stop the complications from worsening. Unless these steps are taken timely, the bond will never strengthen. After going intimate for the first time, there might be tough times for couples to deal with. But solutions like sex toys can keep things good and in control.

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